About Dinotrux


A Netflix original series. Revolving around “construction & destruction”, “friendship” and “teamwork”. The mighty and resourceful Dinotrux must work together to build a better tomorrow.

When Ty, a humongous yet heroic Tyrannosaurus Trux, partners with the inventive Reptool named Revvit, their friendship turns wold around them upside down. Soon, other Dinotrux, like Skya, Ton-Ton, Dozer and Garby, gather around Ty and Revvit to survive dangers both natural and mechanical.

  • Ty Rux

    Ty Rux

    Teamleader Ty, a giant Tyrannosaurus Trux, bravely battles evil D-Structs and united the Dinotrux & Reptools together as friends.

  • Dozer


    When Dozer builds, this cranky hothead turns into a true friend with a heart as big as his Dozeraptops blade.

  • Revvit


    Revvit, a little guy with a big brain, is a smart and funny Rotilian Reptool - and Ty's best friend!

  • Did you know?

    Did you know?

    - Six seasons, total of 78 episodes, have been confirmed. - Mastertoy partner Mattel launched products in Europe per August 2016. Licensing products hit the markets end of 2016. - Dinotrux is one of three key properties from Dreamworks.

  • Ratings


    - Netflix exclusive until the beginning of 2017, aired in 130 countries, with a 4,5 out of 5 stars rating and a 8/10 rating on IMDb. -