About Nijntje/Miffy

Nijntje/Miffy is Dick Bruna’s best known and most popular character,
featuring in more than 30 books, far more than any other character he created.

Nijntje/Miffy appeals to children all over the world, instilling a sense of safety.
Many children are able to identify with Nijntje/Miffy and her adventures.
She is uncomplicated and innocent, has a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences.

  • sixtieth birthday

    sixtieth birthday

    Nijntje/Miffy celebrated her sixtieth birtday in 2015. They celebrated it all year long! One of the biggest events was the Miffy Art Parade: a project that honoured Nijntje/Miffy , her creator, and fans of all ages worldwide.

  • Dick Bruna

    Dick Bruna

    In July 2014, Bruna announced his retirement; the rights to the Nijntje/Miffy character will not be sold.

  • Tv Series

    Tv Series

    Nijntje/Miffy appeared in her first TV show in 1992, called Nijntje/Miffy. Each episode was traditionally animated and ran for approximately five minutes.

  • Little Nijntje Square

    Little Nijntje Square

    In Bruna's hometown, Utrecht, there is a square named after Nijntje 'Little Nijntje Square'. On the square you can find a Miffy Statue.

  • Funny Trailer

    Funny Trailer

    Big and small
  • Logo 60 years of Nijntje/Miffy

    Logo 60 years of Nijntje/Miffy

    The logo for 60 years of Nijntje/Miffy shows how Nijntje/Miffy evolved.