About Phonicons

Icons are the ideograms that are used in electronic messages
and web pages. The symbols that are used literally meanspicture + character.
A large number of symbols exist in various genres, including facial expressions,
common objects, places, types of weather and animals.

Most used symbols in the world are Happy Faces:
– Winks
– Kisses
– Smiles and grins

  • Since 1999

    Since 1999

    Believe it or not, emoji have actually existed since 1999, but they weren't really fully embraced by the masses.

  • The face with the heart eyes, the kissing heart and all the heart images available in different colors are extremely popular.

  • Express yourself

    Express yourself

    Want to see how many people around the world are tweeting out emoji instantly? You can do that with a tool called Emoji Tracker.

  • Added to the dictionary

    Added to the dictionary

    Yep, that big book of big words has dumbed down in recent years - modernising to accept tech-inspired terms such as 'selfie', 'phablet' and, of course, 'emoji'.

  • Hieroglyphs?


    Emojis have been compared to hieroglyphs, how about that?

  • Love Monkeys

    Love Monkeys

    Monkeys are the only “animals” in the top 10 most used symbols.