Disney Princess

About Disney Princess

The Disney Princess brand provides everything a girl needs to celebrate the fantasy stage of
her childhood during every moment of every day. And enables mums to introduce girls to a
brand she trusts and stories she knows. Each Disney Princess character has a unique story
that empowers girls to imagine and live their own fairy tales.

  • Belle


    Belle has dreams, and they don't include living in a small French village forever. With her spirit and beauty, Belle sees beyond appearances and can do what it takes to turn her dreams into reality.

  • Ariel


    Ariel is curious, independent, free spirited and adventurous. She feels confined by life under the sea and yearns to be part of the human world above the waves.

  • Rapunzel


    Rapunzel represents the contemporary girl with a true balance of sweetness and assertiveness, but she knows when she must listen to her heart.

  • Sleeping beauty

    Sleeping beauty

    Princess Aurora's identity is kept a secret even for herself. The design of Aurora is based on tapestry designs form the 14th Century.

  • Cinderella


    Gracious, courageous and always kind, Cinderella's dreams all come true.