While everybody is recycling cotton, we are taking care of the real challenge: recycled polyester!

We are merchandising the magic. All over Europe. And now we are gonna sell plastic bottles to you! For our new sustainable brand TRASHCODE®, we joined forces with Waste2Wear®. They are leading in the production of R-Pet fabrics. NO greenwashing ONLY R-pet products. See for yourself because we’ve got nothing to hide.

Even your best buyers will buy rubbish
But thanks to our 100% transparency policy they knew that in advance! We can label our products with reference to the GRS but anyone who recycles 20% can do that; and we never do something that anyone can. So, we use nothing less than 100% recycled materials*, no compromises.

And we guarantee that too. How? Pretty simple, you can just take a look at the production. We have nothing to hide. From bottle-collecting to end product; everything is transparent and fully under control, so we can guarantee that your product is 100% recycled*.

*unless blended with cotton


What’s in it for you!

  • We help you to make your brand and reputation more sustainable
  • Rock-solid process, transparent and controlled across the whole supply chain
  • 100% recycled and sustainable. No compromises
  • We support you to make a positive impact TOGETHER with us
  • We meet the needs and demands of today’s consumers